COVID-19 Clinic Announcement


With careful consideration and planning, West Georgia Spay Neuter Clinic plans to open up to the public for surgery again on May 4th, 2020. We urge all clients to be patient as we implement new protocols to keep everyone safe. Please abide by the following guidelines:

  • We require all clients to wear a mask.
  • We encourage all clients to wear gloves.
  • We encourage all clients to bring their own pen.
  • All clients MUST stay 6ft apart from one another on the black X's placed on the ground, both inside and outside.
  • We will only allow 2 clients in the lobby for check in, discharge, purchases, etc. at a time.
  • Only 1 client per pet during all interactions.
  • Clipboards for check-in will be filled out in your car.
  • Restroom will not be available.
  • We will only be taking payment for surgery over the phone. Payment will be collected after surgery is complete.
  • It is absolutely imperative that drop off times are followed precisely. All cats are dropped off at 7 AM and all dogs at 7:30 AM. No late appointments will be accepted outside of those time frames.
  • If your schedule does not allow at least 45+ minutes for drop-off in the morning, please reschedule your appointment. We must allow time for drop-off to be completed safely.
  • All surgery appointments are made by calling our office at 678-840-8072. You must leave a voicemail on the machine if there is no answer. The staff will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to help set your pet up for an appointment. A $20 deposit per pet is required with a credit card over the phone to book an appointment. Sorry, we do not book any appointments via email or online.

  • We appreciate you caution, safety and patience during this unprecedented time. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for information regarding feral cat surgery and upcoming vaccine clinics. You are also welcome to email us at to obtain more information about the feral cat drop off & surgery schedule as well as vaccine clinic protocols and upcoming clinics after 5-4-2020.


    Hardworking Team

    WGSNC has a very motivated, passionate, and hard-working team. We want to help reduce the pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering. We strive to work hard every day to ensure the safety of your pet, so rest assured your beloved pet is in safe, caring, and professional hands.

    Unparalleled Service

    The quality of our service is just as impressive as our volume of patients. We offer low cost spay and neuters for both dogs and cats. We utilize high quality techniques, equipment, anesthesia, and pain protocol. We provide a comforting and compassionate experience for your pet by showing them the love and care they deserve.


    The clinic is available to everyone and is conveniently located off of I-20 in Villa Rica between Carroll, Douglas, Paulding, and Haralson counties.

    Financial Assistance

    We partner with many organizations to provide assistance for your pet's procedure. If you'd like to spay or neuter your pet but are in need of assistance, click here.

    We offer low-cost vaccine clinics for your furry friends.VIEW SCHEDULE

    We're WGSNC.


    In the spring of 2005, the Board of Directors with the Carroll County Humane Society decided that the next important goal of the organization was to start a spay and neuter clinic. On April 4, 2006, CCHS was accepted into the Humane Alliance NSNRT program and started working on the clinic project. We then opened our doors in 2007 and have successfully continued to help the community one pet at a time.



    Preventing Euthanasia by Spay/Neuter is What We Do.The Fix



    There is nothing more important to us than preventing unnecessary euthanasia of pets in shelters across the Southeast and beyond.

    The animal shelters in the West Georgia area are overwhelmed with unwanted animals and consequently have high euthanasia rates. The purpose of the clinic is to attack pet overpopulation by focusing on the root of the problem. There are too many animals having unwanted litters, resulting in homeless pets ending at up shelters where they risk encountering diseases or being euthanized.
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