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West Georgia Spay Neuter Clinic
535 E. Montgomery St, Suite B.
Villa Rica, GA 30180

Phone: 678-840-8072
Fax: 678-840-8073
Email: appointments@westgeorgiaspayneuter.com
Find us on facebook: West Georgia Spay Neuter Clinic

DROPPING OFF / PICKING UP: Drop off time is 7:00 AM for cats and 7:30 AM for dogs. No pet will be accepted later than 8:00 AM. All cats go home the next day at 6:45 AM except Thursdays. All dogs go home the same day at 4:00 except Thursdays. All pets go home the same day on Thursdays. Cat release is at 4:00 and dog release is at 5:00. We do not board pets.

Surgery Dates Monday-Wednesday Thursday
Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Drop Off Times: 7:00 AM (Cats) 7:30 AM (Dogs) 7:00 AM (Cats) 7:30 AM (Dogs)
Pick Up Times: 6:45 AM (Cats) 4:00 PM (Dogs - Same day) 4:00 PM (Cats) 5:00 PM (Dogs)

31033Cats Fixed
22626Dogs Fixed
53659Pets Sterilized
321954Prevented Litters