535 E. Montgomery Street, Suite B, Villa Rica, GA 30180

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to go along with your pet's spay / neuter procedure. To make an appointment, please call 678-840-8072.

Things to Point Out

* All animals receive long lasting pain medication at time of surgery. Optional long-lasting pain medication is available upon request and per Doctors approval.
* Pets must be healthy enough for surgery, no injuries or infections.
* Additional fees apply for Cryptorchid. $15.00 and up.
* If fleas are seen during the pre-op exam, your pet will be given a Capstar at the owner's expense of $6.

For everyone’s protection please make sure your pets are up-to-date on vaccinations before bringing as Distemper/Parvo are still common in GA and are highly contagious and possibly even deadly We recommend vaccines to be given 2-3 weeks before surgery so they have some immunity to diseases they may encounter where other animals are present. If you don’t get them prior to your appointment vaccines can be done at time of surgery as well. 

The only Vaccine that is required by law is Rabies and we must have valid proof from a licensed Veterinary at the time of check in to move forward with surgery.  Tags are not valid proof.  We offer them at time of surgery for an additional $12.00 .

Any Pet 7 years or older requires pre surgery bloodwork. Available here for $40.00. Results generally take 24 to 48 hours we ask that you come in a week before surgery appointment to avoid conflicts. Healthy pets that pass the physical exam by doctor may be approved with a waiver. 

We Also Offer Pediatric Spay & Neuter Surgeries. Kittens start at 8 weeks and must weigh at least 2lbs. Puppies must be 12 weeks and weigh at least 2lbs. Due to possible infection we do not accept any females still producing milk. As a safety precaution we don’t perform Surgery on English bulldogs.

Male Neuter $40
Female Spay $50
Feral Cat Spay or Neuter $30
Rabies Vaccine (1year) $12
FVRCP (Distemper) $12
FELV (leukemia) $15
FELV/FIV Test $25

Things to Remember

All feral cats have to be in an individual humane trap, not a carrier. Please trap overnight and bring in at 7:30 AM. Monday – Thursday. Please line the feral traps with newspaper only. covering the outside with a towel is ok.  It actually has a nice calming effect. NOTE: Feral means they are wild and not able to be touched, therefore need to be trapped. Just because some cats are stray does not mean they are feral. If a cat is brought in a trap and we deem they are friendly and we can handle them, you will be charged the normal fees.

All adult cats are required to be in an individual cat carrier suitable for carrying cats at time of drop off; one cat per carrier. If not, a $5 cardboard carrier fee will be charged for each cat needing a separate carrier. Exception: kittens less than 16 weeks can be no more than 2 to a carrier.

All dogs and puppies are required to be on a leash or in individual plastic carrier at time of drop off. We offer Health Certificates for $25.00 per certificate.

Discounts are available for Animal Control Agencies and licensed Non-Profit Rescue Groups. Call for pricing.

Male Neuter Under 50 lbs $55
Male 50-80 lbs $65
Male 90-100 lbs $75+
Male over 100 lbs call
Female Spay Under 50 lbs $70
Female 50-80 lbs $80
Females 80-100 lbs $90
Female over 100 lbs call
Rabies Vaccine (1 year) $12
DA2PPV (Distemper/Parvo) $12
Bordetella $12
Heartworm Test $20

How to Pay

Payment can be made with Cash, Check,Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Payment is expected at time of pick-up and an animal cannot be discharged without payment.

There is an additional charge of $25 for late pickup. We do not Board pets.

An animal will be considered abandoned after 24 hours and will be turned over to the Douglas County Animal Control agency if left as we do not have the space to keep them.

We appreciate your prompt pick-up and payment.