535 E. Montgomery Street, Suite B, Villa Rica, GA 30180

Transport Service

We pick up animals in Rome and Cedartown once a month. If you are interested in this service please ask for the Rome or Cedartown Transport when scheduling your appointment. There are no additional charges for the transport service. To make an appointment, please call 678-840-8072 or email us here.

Appointments: Everyone on transport must have a pre-scheduled appointment. Please call or e-mail the clinic to check dates and reserve your spot. Please tell the clinic when making the appointment that you need pickup as we don't pickup unless needed.

Carriers Required: Dogs and cats MUST be in plastic carriers with properly locking doors. One animal per carrier except small kitten or puppy littermates. Please clearly mark pet and owner's name on carrier with black magic marker. NOTE: We will not transport an animal if not in carrier (no wire crates allowed).

Drop-off: Please arrive a transport location promptly

Payment: We accept cash or checks.Payment is made at drop-off.

Pre-op preparation: take away food by midnight the night before for all adults. Kittens and puppies (under 4 months old) can have food up until transport. All animals can have water. Bring all cats/dogs indoors or trap the night before.

Pick up: Please arrive promptly to pick-up your animal in order to avoid late fees.

Post-op: Keep animals confined and dry. Your animal has just had surgery. This is THE most critical healing time. Please follow all instructions carefully to avoid undue injury and costs.

Other possible locations we are exploring:

Powder Springs
Heard County/Franklin

If you have a location you feel should be added, we will consider it if we have enough interest.

ATTENTION: Rescues & Animal Control Agencies
Help us get the wheels rolling! If you are a rescue group or animal control agency which has at least 15 animals to s/n on a regular basis, we will set up a transport with you for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. If you don't have 15, you can include public animals also from your area who could benefit from our services. We give discounts to rescues and animal control agencies. All we need is help with things such as finding a location to drop-off/pick-up, doing a little advertising in your area and have one or two people help at drop-off or pick-up area. Call or e-mail for more details.