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What is Spay/Neuter?


Neutering removes the testicles of a male, stopping overpopulation right where it starts. Spaying removes the ovaries and uterus of a female, ensuring that she’ll never get pregnant.


Why Spay Neuter?


  • Doesn’t spaying make my pet fat & lazy? Well doesn’t getting pregnant make you fat and lazy? Spaying your pet will only make them fat and lazy with a poor diet and no exercise.
  • Will my pet’s behavior change? Of course it will, for the better! Males tend to be less aggressive and will no longer want to roam. Females will not drive you or your neighbors crazy while in heat!
  • Isn’t spaying and neutering expensive? Puppies and kittens are expensive! We are a non-profit, affordable spay and neuter clinic. We offer assistance to those who qualify.
  • Won’t my dog feel like less of a man? No. Your pet will still be the toughest guy in the neighborhood… but seriously, pets have no concept of gender roles.
  • Why neuter my pet if he can’t get pregnant? Until there is pet birth control, it takes two to tango!
  • Isn’t spaying/neutering painful to my pet? No, they may dream of sniffing butts and chewing bones during the procedure. They will be back to themselves and playing hard within a week.
  • What are the health benefits/concerns of spaying/neutering my pet? It reduces the risk of mammary cancer and uterine infections in females. It is proven that 24% of female dogs die from pyometra (uterine infections) each year. Males are at 0% risk of testicular disease and a significantly lower risk for prostate disease. It is a common myth that having one litter before having your pet spayed is the safer way to go.. FALSE. Medical studies show that female pets that are spayed before their first heat are typically healthier in the long run.
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